Vinting Wine: Information

At BYO Breweries we believe that our customers deserve the best selection and quality of products at the best prices.  We also believe that an educated customer is also a good customer and as such we will take the time to explain our products and processes. The following pages you will find our product lines that we carry as well as some useful information on storage and general Wine fermenting tips.

Our Product Lines
Vineco International Products
Take Home Cost
On Premises Cost
(taxes included)
 Cellar Craft Showcase 
 KenRidge Showcase
 KenRidge Classic
 Cheeky Monkey
 California Connoisseur
 European Select
 Niagara Mist
$130 - $145
$105 - $115
$90 - $110
$65 - $85
$75 - $85
$60 - $70
$55 - $65
$55 - $65
$170 - $195
$150 - $160
$135 - $145
$120 - $130
$125 - $130
$110 - $120
$110 - $120
$110 - $120
Prices do not include bottles, corks or labels (some labels are included with the kits).  We feel why pay for items that you do not use. If you bottle in large bottles why should you pay the same price for corks if you bottle in smaller bottles?

We also carry all the Equipment and Accessories for the Home Wine and Beer Maker including:
Primary Fermenters
Wine Bottles
Beer Bottles
Bottle Trees
Shrink Capsules
Fermentation Locks
Jet Carboy Washers
Bottle Sterilizers
Wine Filter Units
Brew Belts
Syphons & Tubing
Wine Racks
Rubber Stoppers
and Much More...

Various Wine Racks
Wine Gift Boxes
Pewter Stoppers & Pourers
Wine Glasses
Wine Pressurizing Pumps
Wine Carafes
Wine Coolers
and MUCH MORE...

The Process

How long does it take and what do I do?
Your initial visit takes 10 to 15 minutes and entails you mixing up the ingredients in a bucket and then sprinkling the yeast on top. The product is then left at our facility for four to six weeks. You would then return to the facility and bottle your product, which usually takes 1/2 to 1 hour.

Here are some pictures of the process:
Pick out your wine Kit
Mix up your Kit
Pay for your product
In 4 or 6 weeks come back and bottle your product
Cork and or shrink seal your product
When you are all done load up and
take your product home to enjoy.

What does it cost and how much do I get?
Due to our large extent of products we are able to offer you the best products and prices in Brant County. Our pricing structure is as follows:

Wine kit + Service fee ($65.00 + GST) = selling price

If you buy the wine kit off of us we offer a 15% discount off the price of the kit and service fee. You can bring in your own wine kit (subject to approval) and use our facility to brew it up and just pay the service fee if you desire. Our pricing can range from an approximate low of $93.00 all the way up to $160.00 depending on the kit you chose. You will get approximately 20 to 21 litres per batch (28-30 750 ml bottles).
Are there any other costs involved?
At BYO we believe that you should only pay for what you use and as such we do not include any other costs in our prices (i.e. corks, labels etc.) this way we can keep our prices more reasonable.

Following is a listing of some of our “sundry” items:

Wine Bottles  (Taxes Extra)
Other Items  (Taxes extra)
375 ml (clear or green)
750 ml (clear or green)
Labels - Stock
1 litre (green only)
Custom labels (each)

Specialty bottles can be supplied upon request
Shrink Seals (ea)

How long will before I can drink it and how long will it last?
After you get your wine home you should leave the bottles upright for 1 to 2 days in order to shape the cork. The bottles should then be placed on their sides to seal the corks. Some of the wines can be enjoyed immediately while others do need some aging. In all cases we recommend at least two to three months after bottling before you should consume it. The wine you produce should give you from two to four years (longer with premium kits) of enjoyment.

Vineco International Products supply all our wine kits, which are the larger suppliers to the industry.