Wedding Information

Make your wedding day a more personal affair when you make your own wine for your guests. For that added touch customize your bottles with your own personal labels and forever capture the special moment.

At BYO we realize that wedding costs can be quite high and to help out we will take 20% off the price of the wine kits and service as well as any bottles and other “sundry “ items that you purchase from us (including labels). As a special bonus we will also give a gift of two wine glasses engraved with your name and date.

All wedding packages include: Wine Kit, Brew on Premises fee, Bottles, Corks, Shrink Seals and Custom Labels. 
Each package produces 30 bottles of wine (750ml) (except port, sherry and ice wine styles which produce 15 bottles).

  Type of Bottles # of Bottles Cost        Price per bottle     Type of Bottles # of Bottles Cost Price per bottle
Bronze           Gold        
Californian 375ml Cork 60 $180 - $190 3   KRShowcase 375ml Cork 60 $220 - $225 4
 European 750ml Cork 30 $140 - $150 4.5    Legacy 750ml Cork 30 $190 - $200 6.5
 Niagara 1l Cork 20 $135 - $145 7     1l Cork 20 $170 - $180 8.5
  1.5L Cork   15 $135 - $145  9     1.5 L Cork  15  $170 - $180  11.5
Silver           Platinum        
KRClassic 375ml Cork 60 $190 - $200 3.5   CellarCraft 375ml Cork 60 $235 - $245 4.25
Cheeky  750ml Cork 30 $150 - $160 5   Showcase 750ml Cork 30 $200 - $210 6.75
  1l Cork 20 $145 - $155 7.25     1l Cork 20 $190 - $200 9.5
  1.5 l Cork 15 $145 - $155 9.5     1.5l Cork 15 $190 - $200 12.5

Following are some things to think about for your wedding plans:

Do I need a Special Occasions Permit (SOP) and where do I get one?
A permit is needed any time liquor is sold or served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private place. Even if you are only serving Homemade wine/beer you still must get a permit (Note: A permit is needed any time liquor is being sold.). You can obtain the SOP from any Liquor store in the province.

Homemade Wine/Beer for no sale at a wedding or other religious event
The wine/beer must be made by a member of the family hosting the event and is acquired and served free of charge. The permit holder may not sell the wine/beer but serves it at no charge.

Your Responsibilities
The permit holder is responsible for the safety and sobriety of people attending the event. Permit applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the event takes place. (Exception: 10 days for indoor reception events.) Your application may be refused if you don't meet this requirement.
Talk to the Hall.

For a list of Halls in your area this Website has complete listings.

Make sure that you are able to bring in your own bottles of wine to serve at your reception. Ask if they have a “corkage” fee if you bring in your own wine.

How much wine do I need?
Depending on the size of your wedding and what you are using the wine for, will determine the amount that you require. If you are only using the wine for the meal a good rule of thumb is one (1) 750 ml bottle for every four (4) people (ie. One (1) glass per person).

We use 4th & Vine labels
Custom Labels
At BYO we have the largest “in stock” selection of wedding labels for you to choose from. We can either do the printing at our facility or you can take the standard size sheets home and print them yourself. You can put what ever you want on your label and customize it to match your invitation. We can even handle special requests such as scanning your picture and putting it on the label.

Here are some samples of Labels made at BYO:

4th & Vine Brochure - Stock Labels