Celebrating over 25 Years in Business  { 1990-present}

BYO Breweries Inc. retails wine and beer kits and related supplies. Also at the location is a full service on premise vinting/brewing facility. A full service on premise brewing facility is where you can craft your own wine and beer for your personal or family use.

From humble beginnings, Al Robdrup and Don Wolan started a unique, totally new business concept in Brantford. Al & Don along with Joanne make up the staff and are always willing to serve you. BYO is a facility where you purchase the needed ingredients and then you can rent the required equipment and space to make your own beer or wine. All beer and wine made "On Premise" has only natural Spring water as it's starting base. BYO has the largest and most versatile wine kits and beer ingredients in Brant County.

Hours of Operation

Mon to Fri:  11am - 8pm
Saturday:  9am - 3pm

Last brewing time for beer is 2 hours before close (Saturdays last beer brew time is 12pm)
Last brewing time for wine is 5mins. before close
Ontario’s first licensed “”Brew On Premise” Facility
BYO was founded in 1990 and is one of the original Brew On Premise facilities in the Province as well as Canada. Don, through the Brew On Premise Association of Ontario (one of the founding members) and with the help of the Canadian Home Wine Trade Association (CHWTA), has been instrumental in ensuring that the rights and obligations for the industry are maintained in a fair and equitable manner. On April 1, 2000 the Brew On Premise industry finally became a recognized industry with the introduction of regulations. The Brew On Premise Association has now become the Fermenters Guild.

What is “Brewing On Premise” and how does it work?
A “Brew On Premise” facility is where you can come in and mix up ingredients to produce your own wine or beer for your personal use. You then leave the product with us as we “baby-sit” your product (rack, stabilize and filter it) until you return to bottle it.

We're proud members of the Fermenters Guild of Ontario, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and the Brantford Chamber of Commerce.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.